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Our story began in early 2009 when my wife and I arrived in New York. Two Spaniards (Canary Island natives) working in the food industry in the US. For 10 years I was the National Sales Manager for a Multinational out of Spain and my wife spent 6 out of those 10 in the food industry as well.

Now with a combined 20 years of experience we are in the middle of our third year fulfilling our dream: to bring the premium cookie experience we were raised with to families in the states at an affordable price point; to give our kids the opportunity to eat the same treats we ate in the Canaries when we were kids with the peace of mind giving them a traditionally made product that’s both light and flavorful at the same time.

SAVORITE was born in 2018 out of the real meaning of our brand: Sabor (Spanish for flavor) + Favorite.

Our Savorite will soon be your Favorite!

Our amazing ChocoWafers have been produced in our facility in the Canary Islands since 1941, and our Samys since the 1960’s in our facility in Zaragoza. With two impressive plants in Spain, we manufacture over 700,000 chocolate covered wafers daily and over 500,000 elephant ears a day.

Following the two simple rules of using traditional recipes and quality ingredients, our goal is to bring a light but flavorful snack to every household around the world. We're currently exporting to Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

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